I am very excited. Long story short, I applied and got accepted into Texas Tech's Family Nurse Practioner program on November the 15, 2010 and after much prayer and speaking to other students in the program, I made the decision to not accept their offer.

I have always wanted to go to CRNA school, and love the fact that it is actually a "higher" level of learning as compared to FNP school. I enjoy pharmocology and pharmacodynamics and how they alter the physiology of our patients. I have a past experience in Cath lab and CCU/ICU.

I visited TWU's website and noticed that the end date for application acceptance was November the 15th, just five days. I prayed some more, and that same day started the process. I scheduled my gre to be taken in two days, and knowing I may not do so well with just two days of studying I took it. I made a 950 on it, and though I know that is not to well, I didnt have a choice but to send it in. I took my Pals class on the third day, passed. I sent all my information and application in. I informed them I didnt have my CCRN yet, but they said you didnt have to, although it would look good if you did.

Well I found out this month that I got an interview, and went ahead and applied for my CCRN test, of which I took yesterday, and passed. I had about two weeks to study for that, and thankfully I passed it.

My GPA in my sciences is a 4.0, but overall is a 3.3. I have a total of four associate degress (firefighting, Licensed Medic, biology, general studies) and then of course my BSN. Hopefully they will look more at my sciences then my GPA overall.

My question to you all is, how can I prepare for my interview?

In my email that I received from TWU, they informed me that my interview will be approximately 45 minutes where they will test my knowledge concerning critical care. Do you all have any other info I should know or that would be helpful in my interview?

Thank you for your time.