Well it finally happened! I came home from a long shift (3rd of 3) and I checked that same mailbox I've been checking every day. I received a large envelope from UNE admitting me into the next class entering September 2011.

The euphoria I am feeling right now can only be truly understood by all those who have been exactly "where" I am right now.

Amazing...simply amazing!

Although I have several more interviews already scheduled, I feel as though I can actually begin to breathe for the 1st time in over a year.

The information and support that exists on this board is a godsend and is truly wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who I've asked information from, requested gre's gpa's work experience etc.

I feel so incredibly lucky and humbled by the great and giving people that exist in the profession of which I hope to become a part.

I feel as though I've just finished a marathon, only to start another one in 9 months. I know I must be babbling by now but I wanted to express some of what I was feeling particularly with those who are still waiting for their golden ticket.