First and foremost, this is not only embarrasing and shameful, but i feel like a complete idiot for my actions and lack of thinking...ha and i always thought i was smart...guess not.

I am in the process of interviewing at a few anesthesia schools right now. I am on the alternate list at VCU and will interview at kaiser in early feb.

This past weekend i was charged with a DUI while i was sitting in my car waiting for my ride. It was 25 degrees out and i had the heater going. A very bone headed mistake on my part. I have a lawyer and i am currently trying to fight it and get it reduced. My court date isnt until late in Jan. My conviction will not be determined until probably after my interview but definitely before school starts.

Am i screwed since this is so close to the start of school?

I mean, i can see how getting a DUI 5 years ago or something can be overlooked but if i end up getting charged with a DUI, am i going to have to wait around for 5-7 years before any school will accept me?

Personally...I am a very strong applicant and with an additional year or two of experience i will have no weaknesses on my application (except of course this little thing called a DUI aka scarlet letter).

I have been extremely distraught about this as i feel i may have jeopardized my entire future and career dreams. Becoming a CRNA has been my number one goal for the last 6 years of my life. Everything and i mean everything that i have done, every big decision made has been made with the thought process of "will this get me closer to becoming a CRNA?"

I even went as far as selling my 1 year old boxer two weeks ago, which broke my heart, because he gets neglected as it is and i figured would only further be isolated once i start anesthesia school (i'm single).

Honestly, i will do whatever i have to...volunteer wherever...submit to any tests...write any paper to show that this was a mistake on my part and something that will never be repeated again. Unfortunately, i am thinking the only thing that will prove this is good ole' fashioned time. If were talking 1-2 years, no problem. However, 5-7 years...that will be an eternity.

If that is the case, i have already begun exploring other possible careers. Honestly, i just don't see myself being a bedside nurse for 10 years. Getting an MBA at a top school looks a lot more attractive. lol.

Any advice, input etc would be appreciated. If anyone feels the need i can also further expand on the story.