36 yo present for a CLE, G3P2, unremarkable PMH as well as current lab work. Normal habitus for parturient at 5'9" / 97Kg.

Advancing a 17 g tuohy, at L3/4 ML approach with patient sitting - pt c/o of radiating paresthesia in R buttock. Second redirect, off mid-line towards L side still elicits same paresthesia. Needle moved 1 cm L from ML and epidural space was entered w/o further issues.

Cath tested and utilized for a 15 hour labor and uneventful delivery (0.2% Ropivacaine and 2mcg Fent/mL at 10 mL/hr), d/c'd with intact tip.

24 hours post CLE patient with c/o of moderate LBP and paresthesia to R thigh (L4)

What do you do or what else do you look for?