This might be touchy subject however I hate to post this on the other nursing blogs as it might be taken so negatively. To begin with I truly hate nursing. I am not a nursing type of girl but forced to fake to be a nurse, that’s how I have felt for the past 4 years….I was never meant to be a nurse, but forced to be one for economic reason per say…LOL…I started as a pre-med, changed my mind after 2nd year to computer science because I had thought it would take me forever till I see money coming. But by the time I reached to my senior year, there wasn’t as much job out there for computer science majors. Thus I started nursing school right away. So it has been 4 years since I have began nursing career. I started on telemetry floor with hope of traveling, which I did to a couple of places. I hated/loved all my experiences. I loved it because I was given an opportunity to advance to different things…but hated it because nothing really makes sense in nursing and it’s my career. After researching the best way to exit from nursing, I came up with nurse anesthetist. So I switched to ICU about 1.4 yrs ago. I did one year of ICU nursing in a medical/surgical NYC hospital then I floated to high acuity hospital with 900 beds. I started floating to different ICU units and loved it just because I wouldn’t get involved in their politics. I applied to a couple of CRNA schools…but don’t really want to go back to ICU setting if these attempts fail. Or even to hospital settings…I am hoping everything falls in place…good GPA Bachelors and Masters (>3.5) with CCRN. So Does anyone else out there hate nursing? Will this be a good answer for why not bedside nursing during an interview?????