Having been accepted into school, how should I best spend the next 8 months preparing? One SRNA answered that I should quit my current job ASAP and go on vacation. While tempting, it is both financially unfeasible and IMHO academically irresponsible.

Specifically, I had planned on taking the CCRN exam, but have not yet. How much would I actually gain in doing so that is relevant to anesthesia school or anesthesia practice? Do many CRNAs maintain their CCRN certification beyond schooling? Would my time be better spent reading or studying other material? If so, what should I study between now and August?

Also, my ICU experience is relatively specialized (neuro). While I have much experience now in vasoactive infusions, most often we are treating hypertension not the opposite. Would it be worthwhile to try and pick up hours in another ICU (surgical/trauma, TCV, or MICU), or shadow in OR, or something else?

Basically I find it inadvisable to rest on my laurels, and I value input from those who have come before me.