Hello all!

I visit this site often as its filled with valuable information, but I decided to finally join and participate in some of the discussion. I applied to one school this year, Minneapolis School of Anesthesia, and was blessed enough to receive an interview (Dec. 16th). I was hoping to find some others that have also received interviews this year, or have interviewed at this school in the past and could give me informaton on what to really expect during the interview. I was also hoping to hear from everyone on whether I 'truly' had a chance on getting in. My stats are:

1.5 years in a multi-organ transplant icu (hearts, lungs,liver, kidney, pancs)
Overall GPA- 3.4
Nursing GPA-3.53
ACLS, PALS,BLS, CCRN certification
exerience- Swanz, Art lines, ECMO, Oscillator's, VAD's
Sepsis Committee at the hospital I work at
Strong reference letters

Although I only have 1.5 years experience, I really believe the experience I do have is unlike any other. We are one of the only multi-organ transplant units in the United States, and I feel I should really stress things like this during my interview. I am staying nervously optimistic, and could use any advice/confidence boosts that I could get! Thanks in advance.