I have been a Registered nurse for 2.5 years and have just recently started on a Cardiovascular surgical ICU in a large teaching hospital. I have been looking at ways to help boost my resume other than the usual GRE, CCRN, etc while I gain valuable ICU experience. My BSN GPA was 3.1 and I have started taking graduate level classes to help show that I can handle the class loads. So far Advanced Physiology with an A and next I hope to take advanced pharmacology. I am just about to finish my EMT-B course and have been considering doing the Creighton EMS program 2 week RN to paramedic course. I am interested in pre hospital care and I feel like this experience could help with my critical thinking skills as in the field your decision making skills are put to the test just like in the ICU setting. I am just wondering if this would be a good career move (Would just be part time as I am working full time in an ICU) and would shine on my resume or would my time be better spent elsewhere. Would potential CRNA programs look highly on this experience or not? I appreciate any feedback with this issue. Thanks!