Okay, I just searched the forum and am not quite finding what I need. I read HuskerRN thread about being b*tched at for not checking twitches prior to giving a NDNMB after sux (the supervisors rationale being that it can induce a phase II block if there is not sufficient twitches after sux administration). Everyone pretty much discount the fact that giving a ND-NMBA after sux can cause a phase II block and chalked it up to the supervisors lack of intelligence. But I am taking my PACU/recovery test tomorrow and one of the topics is inadequate reversal. This is what my powerpoint says:

"Succinylcholine-induced phase II block
*occurs when repeated or continuous administration of sux is given.
*Occurs when non-depolarizer is given before sux wears off
*only partial reversal achieved
*Evidenced by ...Fade after Tetanus or TOF"

So....any ideas or literature to support this statement. I couldn't find anything in any of my anesthesia books or anything when researching on the internet. From what I've read....a phase II block is essentially what you get when you use a non-depolarizing anyways...right? (it just blocks the receptor instead of continuously depolarizing it like sux). Can someone help me understand this a little more completely? Thanks in advance!!!