In the name of open dialogue and communication, and in the vein of MilMD's stickied post, I started this thread to answer/ask questions that I've noticed in my first 30min worth of browsing forum topics. To clarify, I am a first year resident (PGY-1), so my only anesthesia experience has been my fourth-year anesthesia rotation and a year working as a clinical research coordinator before med school, so my answers on anesthesia-specific topics will be limited. But questions about medical school, intern year, and the whole residency application process are certainly fair game.

For starters:

Q: Why do some anesthesiologists not like to be referred to as MDA?

2 reasons. 1) The degree on our diploma is MD, just as it is for a family doc, general surgeon, pathologist, etc. B) MDA (to me) implies that our training was somehow different than theirs.

Q: What is intern year like? (prompted by a post that intern year more or less = nursing school)

A: I can only speak specifically about my intern year (and generally about other types that I looked into), and I can obviously not speak to nursing school at all, but I doubt seriously that the two are even roughly equivalent. Not in a pretentious-sounding way, just in a factual "they are very different" kind of way.

Let me know if there are any other burning questions out there.