I have been working in CSICU icu at a level one trauma center as a charge nurse for 5 years now. We see the sickest patients imaginable, on every drip in the book. I have taken care of patients with open chests, IABP, CVVHD, ECMO, total article hearts, LVADS….. I have a great resume with wonderful references. I felt I was well prepared for the interview and the questions that I knew I was going to get. As soon as I walked into the room with the 10 interviewers sitting behind computers and was asked the first question I froze up. I heard the questions but could not comprehend or make any since of what I was saying. Did I have a CVA? No. I had a massive panic attack. It’s funny how I can take care of sick and bleeding patients and tend to excel in stressful work environments but doing an interview is a bust. Perhaps I need to talk to my doctor about taking a low dose anti-anxiety beforehand. It’s difficult to balance the fine line of being awake and stimulated to answer questions sharply but not to over stimulated that I freak out. So I don’t know if an anti-anxiety is a good idea before an interview. Just disappointed and frustrated because I know I am ready but I have never been a good public speaker. Well, I have one month to do something before my next interview.