I have been lurking here for a while and today decided to register!
I have been a RN for 10 years, the last 9 in L&D. I have wanted to be a CRNA for about 4 years now but did not pursue it just because of different things it was not the right time. Right now, I am ready. I have applied to many ICUs in the last year or so but they all want nurses with ICU experience and I don't even have recent floor or step-down experience so I just accepted a job in the OR, thinking that in a couple of years, I could get into an ICU quicker with OR experience rather than L&D experience.
So today was my first day for the OR, I was in hsopital orientation, and now I have an interview on friday for a CCU, after trying forever.
I don't plan on aplying to CRNA school for about 4-5 years because I am a Diploma nurse so I am going back for RN-MSN and then apply CRNA Post-Master's. The RN-MSN route will give me much needed time to gain ICU experience and build up my GPA, and for my youngest child (5 mos old) to be going to kindergarten, or at least pre-school.
So my question is....if by the grace of God, I get the CCU offer would you take it and do the whole 4-5 years in CCU or would you stay in the OR a couple of years and then try again to get in an ICU for the last 2-3 years to have a broader range of experience?
Thank you for your time and expertise.........
I guess if they don't offer me the position in CCU, I won't have a choice but I am just thinking positively.