I just sent out 3/4 of my applications, have to work tonight but I barely slept cause I am soo nervous. Anyway, I was wondering how applicants managed out of state interviews around their work schedules. For instance, at my hospital we do self scheduling and we are currently working on our January schedule. I applied to Uni of Maryland, and I believe they interview in January, should I call the school and ask when they will have interviews? Samuet Merritt has February listed as inteview period, but no dates. What did you guys do? Did you call off? How far in advance do you get notified?

If anyone could give me approximate dates of interview dates for these schools, I would really appreciate it. I could request vacation/time off for those days?

1. University of Maryland
2. University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ
3. Samuel Merritt
4. Kaiser/ CSU Fullerton

Thanks in advance