Just curious,

Has anyone on here worked while going to CRNA school? If so how many hours, etc? I am assuming that it would be very low hours. I have a friend who is going to CRNA school and thinks he will be able to work 24hours/week while in school. Kudos to him if he can, but I am thinking that would be extremely tough, no sleep, etc, and risking failing? I myself am going to try to work 12hours/week first year, if I can. If I absolutely had to, etc? Any insight? I am able to get enough loans, etc, but thought that maybe working a little bit would help soften the loan load in the end? I do have a LITTLE saved on my money tree, but imagine that will disappear VERY fast. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance! So far from what I have been told it has been mixed, some say NEVER work and CRNA school, others say you can, I suppose it all depends on how fast one catches on, etc, time devotion/responsibilities, etc?