My 1 and only interview is coming up in 2 weeks, I have been working towards the goal of getting into CRNA program but I am now nervous and not sure i have everything I need especially after reading other post.
My back ground is 7 yr in neonatal intensive care unit, I took care of some of the sickest infants and helped with bedside surgeries. In our unit we use drager vent, jets and osscillator. I also worked in the PICU and PCICU I have run codes in the unit and in the delivery. I was the charge nurse and I had 33 nurses to watch over and 64 babies, I also have a 2nd job in the ER in which I take care of trauma room 1, these patient can be simple colds to multiple injuries from cars or horses, they require splints vents and 1:1 care, I have mixed my own gtts to maintain blood pressures and / or heart rate I feel I have a lot of varied experiences but is it the right experiences., I have also taken graduate courses and have 3.89 average what do you think?