So I will put myself out here to be ridiculed for what will surely be a simple answer but here I go.

In theory you bring someone back to the OR give them 100% O2, intubate them, and keep them on 100% O2. In a reasonable amount of time we would wash the nitrogen out of their lungs. We avoid N2O with certain neuro and GI cases because of concern with air filled cavities.I assume this means that air (with nitrogen) is in these cavities and because of the poor solubility of nitrogen can't get out and then N2O diffuses across and expands the space even further.

My question is if Des has almost the same blood:gas coefficient then why wouldn't Des do the same thing in an identical clinical picture? Is it the actual amount being inspired as in 6% of vaporized particles versus a as much as 66% with nitrous oxide? I am really confused!