I have an interview coming up next month. Keep in mind that I had an interview at this school last year, but I was denied due to lack of experience and not having my CCRN (just my assumption). I know there will be a question about a challenging patient. Question: Do I discuss a current patient in the CVICU, eventhough I will only have 2 months on the unit prior to my interview? of do I talk about a patient I took care of while working in the SICU/MICU?
The patients in the CVICU where I'm working are not the typical "in and out" CABG er's, if there is such a word. They are some sick puppies, on every drip known to man and tend to stay on unit longer then two weeks. I have been studying up on vasoactive meds and will be prepared to discuss them, if asked during the interview. I'm open to any "real" advice out there.