I'm sure this type of discussion has been rehashed several times but bear with me;

I don't know this yet as I have not received two acceptances nor do I know if I will. But when the time comes and hypothetically speaking I get accepted to both LaCrosse and Rosalind Franklin University I am not 100% positive I know which is the best one suited for me-

I can see myself learning fine front loaded and integrated, I have learned great I think both ways in the past. RFU seems pretty solid, I would receive an MSNA, and after going over what the program entails seems to match not only the COA's requirements but their recommendations for lines, regionals, etc. etc.

LaCrosse seems pretty awesome too, integrated, 900 procedures before graduation, not sure of their average numbers regarding COA requirements/recommendations etc. We (me wifey kids) would have to relocate, program overall is cheaper, more established, been around more, etc, would get a MS-Biology and know several people I know that have gone or are in the program, etc

Again, I know I am putting the cart well be4 the horse as I am merely hypothesizing here what may or may not happen. Any advice comparing both programs, those who have been in them, etc? I really want to get the most experience from the program I pick, etc.