This is my first official post...let me please say that this site has become addictive and incredibly HELPFUL as I have been preparing for my first interview in about a week. I am interested to find out what I should do concerning updated resume information...Since I turned in my application, I have two accomplishments that I am proud to have listed on my resume now. One is my CCRN Certification and the other is my current role as a Clinical Associate with Auburn University SON, in which I am currently serving as a clinical instructor in ICU/CVICU/ER. My questions to the members of the site are....Should I bring with me an updated resume to the interview? From my understanding, I will have up to 5 separate interviews in one day, so should I bring 5 separate resumes to hand to each interviewer? Should I send one in advance to the school, and hope they get it in time (8 days from now)? Should I even worry about it at all? Please let me know your ideas and thoughts on this?