I had a patient in the last month which keep me wondering what might have happened.

26/F, generally healthy, in for a vaginoplasty. Mallampati I but tongue is sort of large. After talking with my attending, we decided to put in an LMA #3 (I personally would want a #4 but since this is my first rotation, I really don't have much say & I haven't tried to use a #3 before also). Usual standard induction technique, we put the LMA in but it didn't sit well and she was partially obstructing. Now, we are working with a surgeon who doesn't have any patience at all so we decided to take the LMA out, placed a 90mm oral airway & decided to mask her under GA for the entire procedure. During the entire procedure which lasted ~15 minutes, she was making this weird noise (I think she was still partially obstructing) but she did well overall and was discharged to home that morning.

In the afternoon, I called her to make a follow up and she told me she had tongue numbness at the tip of her tongue and she couldn't feel anything in that area. I explained to her that it will eventually go away and that I'll give her a call in one week. The week after, I called her and she said she still has the tongue numbness and is now associated with neck stiffness which started 5 days after the surgery. I told her to again give it a little time and it should go back to normal.

The tongue numbness did improve after 2 weeks but it made me think what could have caused it. Is it the LMA? or could it be oral airway? or could it be my hands pressing against her jaw trying to have a good seal with the mask?