I've read a couple old threads that touched on this subject (including a few started by me). But I just wanted to ask it directly:

Assuming I don't think N2O increases PONV and assuming the patient is not going to require a high FI02, is there anything wrong with using it for lap cases?

For the past 3 months I was at a place where none of the CRNAs or MDs would consider N2O for a lap chole, lap appy, lap gyn etc, etc. Now, I'm at a place where people think I'm weird if I don't use it.

I'm starting to do cases on my own and I really like N20 (mainly because I don't like sevo), are there any real reasons not use N20 for all my lap cases. How long will it take for significant bowel distension to take place?

As always, thanks for any feedback!