Basically the title says it all. Im curious why people apply to the schools that they do.

Now i always hear the generic responses, "go where you fit in" and "someplace where you would like to live"(actually not a bad one) but how do you know if you will fit in before you even apply and interview at the place?

I also have heard about how you want to find a school with great clinicals (ie. all crna practice rotations, good regional/block xp, no resident competition etc...)
How do you gleam this information? From current and former students? The PD?

My top schools are

#1 KPSAN -look it up if you dont know the abbreviation

a. 5th or 6th ranked program (ya i know us news is biased but currently it is the only form of comparrision)
b. only costs 26 k for the entire program
c. is only 24 months long
d. have talked to current and former students and all only have GREAT things to say about it

#2 VCU

a. top ranked program for sometime now
b. offers a DNap
c. has a good patient simulator
d. conducts a crisis scenarios event in which other srna's travel to to experience
e. never been to virginia, would be a fun xp in a beautiful-looking place

#3 Baylor
a. Located in houston (cali boy who always wanted to try texas)
b. has more than double the amount of rx cases
c. only 3 people in the past 10 yrs have not passed the boards on their first try
d. is located within baylor college of medicine, and thus places perhaps a greater emphasis on the sciences.
e. as previously stated in (d), has a cadaver lab to play around with
h. has a top notch sim lab
i. oh and the program is ranked top 20 and offers Dnap

So those are some reasons for some of my top schools, what are some of yours?

honorable mentions; duke, u of pitt, and im blanking on a few others right now