Okay Im new here and will try to make a long story short..I have made some big changes in my small life all in the past year and a half..now Im sort of worried about how my past will haunt me!! So to start from the beginning would be easiest to say that I never even wanted to go to college until my senior year of highschool. So my grades were mediocre, enough to keep my mom off my back basically. She was an LPN working on her RN at the time of passing and I always looked up to her, so RN is what I decided on. I graduated from an ASN program in 2007. Sadly I had no aspirations for anything further than that and was going to take a promotion within my workplace which put me behind a desk..so again my grades were mediocre starting from basics thru nursing school ANyway, I did paperwork for 2 years and decided I wanted to try the hospital setting. Started medsurg and loved it..then decided I wanted my BSN..then decided I wanted to try ICU..and now we are up to speed. I have been in ICU for about a year now & love it!! I start my BSN in January and now think I want to do CRNA..My whole direction in life career wise has changed dramatically...So my question is, since I had no real aspirations thru out highschool, college, and nursing school the first time around, is there a chance to turn this around? I feel like my grades arent horrid, but may be not competitive enough..my real fear is that I may not be able to keep up in the program..I feel like I may have blown thru basics and nursing school half-ass and it's gonna show in the program..this is assuming I even get in..I know I am a long ways from applying, but i just want to be prepared and realistic about it..I am prepared to kick ass in the BSN program, gonna study hard for the ccrn and gre..will retake courses if i have to..just want some input from anyone who may have a similar situation?? Basically I wanna know if I missed out on vital information the first time around to prevent me from excelling at this. I love the unit and i feel like I'm learning quickly..Our hospital policy has nurses in the unit a year before they let them start orienting on cabg pts, Im next up for starting that and will have 3.5 years total icu experience by the time I plan on applying..I sent an email to my school's PD for CRNA asking her for pre-SRNA advisement and she's agreed to meet me tomorrow so I'll know more about where i stand with transcripts and retaking courses..any advise on that?? This forum is awesome btw!! Want opinions good or bad, I can take it lol!!