A 66 y/o male w/ a hx of DM, HTN, & CAD is to undergo urgent surgery for an expanding 6.4cm infrarenal AAA. He had a MI 2 months ago @ which time he underwent PTCA w/ placement of drug-eluting stents to the LAD & right coronary arteries. Current medications include clopidogrel & ASA, which were started after the stent placement. With respect to the combo of these 2 drugs & the intraop risk of bleeding it is true that:

1) both drugs exert their antiplatelet effect through the same mechanism

2) clopidogrel does not add siginificantly to the risk of bleeding posed by ASA

3) if these drugs were stopped one day prior to surgery, the risk of bleeding would be minimized

4) both drugs can be antagonized

5) clopidogrel should be discontinued 7 days prior to surgery in elective cases where surgical hemostasis is needed

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