Hello Everyone!
I am fairly new to this site, but am hoping to post more often because it seems like y'all have a wealth of knowledge over here!:heeeelllllooooo: I am hoping to become a CRNA, and being the Type A that I am, I am starting to get some plans in action.

I am also a member at allnurses, and posted a question there recently and received a somewhat troubling response. I asked if anyone knew why California, being the large state that it is, only has 3 CRNA programs. Someone responded that "California is not CRNA friendly, nor is it nurse friendly." I was surprised by this, and have never heard this before. I was wondering if anyone shares this sentiment? Has anyone heard anything about how nurses and CRNAs are treated in Cali? I was hoping to go to school out there, so I find this discouraging, although I know there are other schools and states available.

Anyway, thanks so much for your input! :nurse: