Hello all! I am 2 semesters away from graduating with my BSN from a 4 year University. I originally attended a community college for 5 semesters to build up my pre-req's for the BSN program, and then transferred to a 4-year institution (which is where I am at now) to obtain my BSN.

My first question is, Will my Overall GPA (when applying to CRNA schools) include those classes I took at the community college, such as englishes, some Liberal Art's classes, and some hard sciences such as A&P and Bio's?

I have received A's in all of my Hard sciences (Anatomy's, Pharmacology, and others), at both institutions. Do they hold a heavier weight seeing as some were taken at a 4 year institution and others not, or does it not really matter?

Any suggestions on whether I should be taking some of the Hard sciences again at the 4 year institution or anything?

My other question is to what weight the Hard sciences are when compared to other gps's such as the Nursing GPA, or the Overall GPA. I have a 3.85 in the hard sciences but a 3.7 in the Overall GPA.

Thanks guys! I know it was kind of long...

PS the new Website looks amazing!