So I wrap up my pre-reqs for nursing school and have applied to two local nursing programs in the area in which I reside. My cum. GPA currently is 3.6 and I know it isn't the best, but I feel being a male may help me in this situation.

Question is if accepted to both programs, should I attend the "prestige" nursing program, or settle for the nursing program that has a CRNA program and try to to social network there and make friends with the director to possibly "better" my chances on getting into that program? any thoughts? or ideas?

Life story:
it's a goal for my wife and I to become CRNA's.(she'll turn 24 end of this month, im 23) She's an RN working in med-surg but applied recently for an ICU positions. She works while I attend school and when I graduate we'll swap and she'll go to CRNA school first while I make money.(than vice-versa when shes done) So I have about 2.5 years in the nursing program when I get in. Will this be enough time for her to gain experience in an ICU setting? Also we have two children ages 3(she'll be 4 in may) and a 6 month old. They'll be older when I graduate from nursing school so with age it'll be a little better. Just the thought of being able to help my wife study and pick up info for myself is exiciting, so when I attend it'll be easier for me. :yumyum:

I feel like it would be a fairytale ending if it all goes through according to plan, But am I being realistic or not? The thought I losing out of spending time with my kids is a little heart breaking, as they do grow fast and those years are precious. How does one cope with that?