Has your experience been that most schools are pretty strict with their 3.0 minimum cGPA? I'm not sure if i'll clear the 3.0 mark before I finish my BSN. Thought I would but nursing school BS is making it difficult. Still aceing every exam though.

I spent my fist couple years in college dicking around with the engineering program (since that's what math/science people are suppsoed to major in) and hated it. Failed a lot of clases. Probation, suspension, etc. etc. One semester stuck at a community college and i got my act together. The new plan was to use my engineering credits to grad with a BS in mathematics instead. Got interested in nursing along the way an did my pre-reqs while finishin my BS math. Took max credits while working full-time and got straight A's in all my upperdivision math/sci. Raised my cGPA enough to get into the BSN program (also aced pre-reqs/NLN).

So my cGPA's been slowly climbing from sub-2.0 to about 2.9 after 3 years of near 4.0's (I have A LOT of C's/D's/F's). I thought I'd have enough credits in the BSN program to clear 3.0 but I didn't realize a bunch of our clinical courses are credit/no-credit.

How much will it hurt me if I can't clear 3.0? I realize it varies from school to school but some won't even touch an app that doesn't meet their minimum req's. I could probably clear it if I took another year or two of bullshit classes but that seems like a huge waste of time/money. Pretty sure I'll have no trouble with the GRE as I'd usually get near perfects on the SAT's.

I graduate this semester with my BS Math and my BSN in Fall 2011 (might pickup a minor in econ since i'm only 1 or 2 courses short). Just tryna figure out my academic plan from now until graduation. Summer school's also an option if I need more A's... Or maybe takin courses while I get my couple years of CC experience after I grad. I'll prolly miss school too much anyways.

Any advice info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!