Hi... so I recently took the GRE. Reading through many posts it seems like people often tend to do very well on the Quantitative section of the GRE, while doing not so well on the Verbal section. I happen to have the exact opposite situation: I did well on Verbal (650), while pretty much sucking it up on Quant. (440), and I got a 4.0 on Analytical Writing. Not really sure what happened during Quant, but I suppose it was a multitude of factors that contributed to my poor performance in that section. I did prepare somewhat for the quantitative section, but felt unprepared once I started taking the exam. I was frustrated, because of the practice exams I took using the ETS Powerprep software, I was scoring 550-580 on Quant. So, of course my dilemma is whether or not to take the exam again to . Here's the rest of my resume bullet points:

- 3.75 Nursing GPA (UNC-CH SON)
- A's in all sciences
- Did senior honors nursing research project
- 3 years experience Cardiothoracic ICU
- CCRN certified
- multiple shadowing experiences

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if my poor performance on the Quantitative GRE could by itself prevent me from getting admitted to anesthesia school. None of the schools I'm applying to say anything specific about score breakdowns. They just simply state that a combined score of over 1000 is required to be competitive, and obviously I achieved that. However, I realize that the ability to do precise calculations is an extremely important aspect of anesthesia practice, and I could understand the quantitative section carrying more weight in the minds of admissions committee members. I appreciate any opinions.