Hello I am a junior in HS and i have many questions about this profession. So anyways, one question that I am wondering about is the method to obtain my BSN degree. From one way I've seen it seems like the path is: Going to a community college to get my RN, and then simultaneously getting ICU experience and getting my BSN online. To me it seems like this method is cheaper, but how hard would it be to get an ICU position with just my RN as opposed to a BSN. Also I would like to know how difficult it is completing this degree online while working. The other method seems to be going to a four year college and getting my bsn and then getting my ICU experience. This seems like it would be more education, but slower for me to get experience, and also more expensive. I know I am only a kid, but I still have many questions!! If you guys could offer me info or tips, or just let me know how you did it I would appreciate it alot! Thanks in advance!

-aspiring CRNA