So I applied to 2 schools-alternate at one, rejected on the other. Reapplied to the same 2 schools this year- alternate at the same one, rejected at the other. Here are my stats: 4.0 BSN, 3.6 math and sciences cumulative, 3.4 from ADN, CCRN, PALS, ACLS chair on unit committees, involved in unit, 6 years in big busy CVICU with everything you could imagine, good references from MD, CRNA, supervisor. I've been told I interview well. I have contacted program directors from both programs and have been persistent. They do not call or email me back this year. Last year when asked how I could improve or what they saw as a weakness, the responses were vague and not at all helpful "You look great, we're still interested in you, reapply next year...."

What in God's name do I have to do to get in? I have seen people get in on the first attempt and also different schools seem to look for different things. One school may reject without even an interview while the next school will accept. My problem is, I've been working so hard on certs, extra classes, etc and I don't know what more I could do (feedback from the schools would help!)

I am now applying to 3 totally different schools and reapplying to the same old ones. I am also taking a grad level class hoping to further impress someone out there! I know others have been where I am. Could anyone share some experiences or please offer some constructive advice? I am not getting any younger here! Thanks!