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    Classy lady

    Call the winner. 30 ish women with vision disturbance with eye problems = MS

    Esper 5 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Wakeup plans gone awry.

    Did surgeon want patient awake and moving extremities prior to extubation?

    gasaholic 18 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Classy lady

    Age and gender fits for autoimmune neurological disorder. I'd include MS and myasthenia gravis in the differential.

    Sent from my

    Bluegoldcrna 19 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Wakeup plans gone awry.

    Hi all, been awhile since I posted but I thought I had a great case to discuss. Anyway, on to the details...

    64 y old female, 5'9",

    BrenRN 31 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Hypoxia after CABG

    I have ZERO radiology training at this point. To me the lung fields seem to have a strange shape, but I am not recognizing anything I would consider to

    Murph33 1 Hour Ago Go to last post
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    study plan for boards

    Hello. I'm in the process of making a 6 week study plan/calendar for boards. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or willing to share their calendar in order to stay on top of schedule?...

    Avery 3 Days Ago
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