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  • New Anesthesiologist Strategy: Limit Competition by being Anti-Competitive

    In the absence of any evidence showing there is any difference in mortality or morbidity between Physician Anesthesiologist (MDA) care and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) anesthesia care some MDAs have opted to stoop to a new low.

    It is understandable that some MDAs are frustrated that they cannot prove a difference after 150 years and that all evidence to date shows there is none. I get it. I am sure they are frustrated that they continue to lose ground on this argument via weak legislative efforts which are transparent to legislators for what they are, attempts at trade restriction as a way to STOP free market competition.

    In fact they continue to try and manipulate the market by limiting how CRNAs are trained. On a popular physician website they spent significant time discussing how CRNAs should be kept from learning skills. Though these skills may well be in the best interest of the patient, these individuals clearly do not care about the patients, they care about their pocket books.

    One poster "Dr Commonsense" (who appears to have none) states this:

    Why the F did Anesthesiologist ever let CRNAs do spinals, epidurals, lines, etc? CRNAs should basically only be allowed to intubate and sit in the room

    His statement is a clear attempt to limit the ability for CRNAs to learn these basic skills in order for this individual to maintain control of the market. This is skirting on a violation of the Sherman Act with multiple others colluding to do the same thing. When these individuals have power in clinical sites to stop CRNA students from learning necessary basic anesthesia skills in order to maintain market share and limit competition, they do not seem to realize they risk their own careers.

    Another MDA "FFP" makes a similarly anti-competitive statement:

    They shouldn't have been allowed to do anything an ICU nurse wouldn't. Meaning no procedures (including no intubations), nothing advanced, just drug titration according to physician orders/protocols. Literally stool sitting, nursing and anesthetic/pressor titration.

    One MDA T-Burgler recognizes that there is not a safety issue as their national organization likes to pretend when he states:

    To be clear, I do feel that I see cases of major mismanagement from CRNAs, but they're not common. And even when they do happen, usually the patient lives just fine. You also have to admit that you've seen major mismanagement from physicians as well.

    It is interesting to see that upon recognizing their is no safety issue or evidence over 150 years pointing to one the immediate shift is to attempt to illegally control the market by collusion.

    If these individuals are so convinced that there are practice and safety issues in spite of all the studies showing this NOT to be the case then why not stop trying to define another professions practice? COMPETE in the free market and PROVE there is a difference or that patients would prefer more expensive providers who have the same outcomes?

    Well the answer to the reason why these militant MDAs always try and define another professions practice and attempt to limit their training instead of competing all comes down to a well known quote by Upton Sinclair.
    It is hard to convince a man of something when their SALARY depends on them NOT being convinced of it.