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  • Audio Digest Disenfranchises 50000 CRNAs

    This last week the Vice President and Executive Editor of Audio Digest, Lon Osmond sent out a letter which angered and disenfranchised 50,000 Nurse Anesthetists. The letter was an apology to Physician Anesthesiologist subscribers because one of the education sessions was prepared and created by a Doctorate prepared Nurse Anesthetist and apparently they were too good to listen to lectures from a CRNA. (see attachments below)

    This should be disturbing on two levels.

    One, that a clear expert in the topic who is likely more educated and skilled in regional anesthesia than the majority of disgruntled physicians wrote in to protest her being allowed to lecture them gets attacked for doing so.

    Two that the audio digest people are so spineless that they decided to immediately APOLOGIZE for utilizing a recognized expert because these physicians couldn't get out of the way of their massive ego's and simply LEARN something from a CRNA.

    This says that audio digest, who apologized for using an expert, clearly do not value CRNAs contributions OR CE money nearly as much as they value the politically motivated physician anesthesiologists who emailed them.

    To that end we have to conclude that audio digest has designated themselves as a physician centric and physician only service catering to those who's ego's are the most bloated that they cannot learn from anyone else but another physician (even if they know less on the topic).

    CRNA's need to take action and protest audio digest for such a unilateral insulting action that clearly identified how they value CRNAs as customers by cancelling their membership and considering other ways to obtain CEUs. Why spend your hard earned money on a company that clearly does NOT value you as a customer?

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

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    1. Drugpusher's Avatar
      Drugpusher -
      not a smart move audio digest.
    1. dhgasman55's Avatar
      dhgasman55 -
      Hunh! I have subscribed to AD since 1984. This is very disheartening. If they are so concerned about team work and diversity this a questionable way to express that...
    1. carlan's Avatar
      carlan -
      I just advised AD that I would not renew my subscription, that is expiring now, due to Mr. Osmond's response and apology to his physician subscribers.
    1. ataraxiaone's Avatar
      ataraxiaone -
      So, I will not renew. What other CRNA-friendly options are available to dump this CE money onto?
    1. kmurnane's Avatar
      kmurnane -
      As a doctoral prepared CRNA who has been practicing for 28 years, I find this continued bigotry against CRNAs disgusting. I just called Lon and left him a message along with my with my phone number. DO NOT use Audio Digest for continuing education!
    1. in2b8nsed8's Avatar
      in2b8nsed8 -
      Guess I'll cancel my membership too. I had no idea!
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