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  • Some Physicians Cheat Their Way Into Anesthesia Residencies

    In the February issue of A&A Case Reports, Drs Parks, Sizemore and Johnstone at West Virginia University Anesthesiology Residency Program reviewed the personal statements of all their residency applicants after the 2014 Match for signs of plagiarism. The results were dissappointing.

    Plagiarism software was used to review 472 applications to their program. These were split between 228 U.S. applicants and 244 international applicants. The program identified 82 out of 467 personal statements for possible plagiarism. These were then reviewed by the authors of the study.

    The authors concluded that over-all 9% of the personal statements had unoriginal passages. Two of the U.S. and 17 of the international applicants contained more than 10% plagiarized content. One student's personal statement had more than 58% plagiarized material. The most common source for plagiarizing passages were from www.medfools.com/personal, a collection site of personal statements.

    One would think that a graduate of medical school would have a high degree of both integrity and honestly. However it appears that about 10% of the physicians in this study possess neither honesty or personal integrity. You have to wonder how these people got through college and medical school in the first place.

    While it may appear plagiarizing on a personal statement is a minor issue it speaks to these individuals character. What else might they be dishonest about in practice later?

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