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  • Study Shows Anesthesiologists Work Much Less Than They Think They Do

    A retrospective study of Physician anesthesiologists performed at a large academic medical center has shown a huge difference between the amount of hours PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologists THINK think they work vs how much they actually worked per shift. The data was presented at the 2016 American Society of Anesthesiologists Practice Management meeting this year.

    The study also demonstrated a 5,686-hour shortfall in actual work hours to expected (i.e., calculated) work hours. Full time PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologists were expected to work five days per week at 10 hours per day (or 2,300 expected work hours per year based on 46 total workweeks per year).

    In fact the expected work hours adjusted for vacation, meeting time and leave of absence was 843.90 ± 254.26 hours. That is calculated to 18.34 - 23.87 HOURS OF CLINICAL WORK PER WEEK. That is full time apparently for PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologists.

    It turned out that the average PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologist in-house shift was 7.5 hours, but the PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologists thought they worked 12.9 hours.

    Per Dr Emerick"

    “If you combine the actual work hours of all 39 employees, they were almost 5,700 hours short of calculated work hours,” “a shortfall which equals more than five full-time anesthesiologists.”

    With an average salary range of 350-450K you would think they would work a little more. Although this explains all the time to sure the internet and disparage Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs) who actually work their shifts performing anesthesia.

    When seconds count... the PHYSICIAN Anesthesiologist isn't at work.

    The original article can be found here
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      icudropout -
      Time does seem to go by slower when you aren't doing anything
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