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    I am often asked about what programs are the best to prepare an SRNA to transition to an independent practice like where i work. The total BS US News survey isnt where the real info comes from. It comes from REAL numbers with significant CRNA autonomous/independent rotations.

    Clearly the military programs offer this. However, I want to acknowledge 2 civilian programs which make me proud to be a CRNA. Midwestern University here in AZ run by Shari Burns and National University in Fresno Cali. with Bryan Tune. I can honestly say i wish i had attended one of them.

    Ive talked about MWU a couple of times but i wanted to highlight National tonight and the numbers the students are pulling.

    • Average Total Case:1,072

    o Highest: 1,247

    • Average OB Cesarean Sections: 60

    o Highest: 80

    • Average Labor Epidural Placements: 92

    o Highest: 141

    • Average Spinal Placements: 81

    o Highest: 141

    • Average TOTAL Epidural (including thoracic): 89

    o Highest: 121

    • Average Peripheral Nerve Blocks: 48

    o Highest: 60

    • Average Arterial Line PLACEMENTS: 83

    o Highest: 175

    • Average Central Lines Placed (NOT SIMULATED): 18

    o Highest: 55

    • Average PA Catheters Placed (NOT SIMULATED): 9

    o Highest: 15

    • Average Fiberoptic Airway Placed (NOT SIMULATED): 33

    o Highest: 61


    Consider National. It does not train you to work as an assistant, does not leave you out in the cold with skills and autonomous/indy experiences and you actually get what you pay for.

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    1. mehale83's Avatar
      mehale83 -
      Those are some impressive numbers!!
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      khintzsche -
      I second that!
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      khintzsche -
      National University
      Nurse Anesthesia

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      Ever consider becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)?
      Don’t really know what a Nurse Anesthetist does?
      Come to National University and find out all about this amazing profession.
      You’ll also have the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art Anesthesia Simulation Lab, and get hands on experience with intubation and other anesthesia skills. Speak with current students and program faculty. Whether you are a Nursing Student, Registered Nurse, or just interested, then this is for you! Join us for refreshments and an evening of Anesthesia. RSVP at email below. Drop-ins welcome.
      March 10, 2016 Ÿ 6 pm – 8:30 pm
      20 E River Park Place West Ÿ Fresno, CA Ÿ 93720
    1. Daitrong's Avatar
      Daitrong -
      Happy to be apart of NU cohort 5!
    1. Real Life Focker's Avatar
      Real Life Focker -
      Do you have Midwestern's numbers?