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  • Nurse Anesthetist Saves Two Boys From Nearly Drowning

    SANTA ROSA BEACH-- One woman was in the right place at the right time and now some are calling her a 'hero.'

    "She's definitely a hero," Walton County Sheriff's Office Public Affairs Coordinator, Corey Dobridnia said.

    When Nurse Anesthetist Melissa Kadau heard screams from her room's balcony at High Pointe Resort Sunday night, officials say she didn't hesitate to run toward them!

    "From what I understand, she [Kadau] knew what she was doing, she saved their lives," Dobridnia said.

    Two young boys, ages 11 and 9, were seen struggling in the water at the resort's pool.

    "They had labored breathing, one of them more severe than the other, but really, the parties on-hand were very helpful," Dobridnia said.

    Officials say Kadau, who is staying at the resort with her husband, Dr. David Kadau, for the week jumped into action. When deputies arrived at the scene they said they saw two boys laying on the ground by the pool. Kadau performed CPR on one of the boys while deputies assisted.

    Several other young men nearby helped pull the two kids out the pool initially. Kadau saw the incident from her balcony and jumped in to help.

    Deputies say the boys' father lost sight of them when he went to pick up his belongings from the lounging area next to the pool.

    The kids were rushed to Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center and officials say the parents were very thankful that there were citizens here that rushed in to help.

    "The deputy that went to the hospital to talk to the parents last night talked to them both individually," Dobridnia said. "The second or third question out of their mouth was, 'did you get her name?' because the nurse anesthetist, that just so happened to be within an ear shot, really saved their life."

    While Kadau was the first to come to the rescue, the South Walton Fire Department, Bay County Sheriff's Office and other first responders weren't far behind. Officials say the kids are in stable condition, one of them was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.