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  • TwinOaks: By-CRNA/For-CRNA ultrasound PNB conference

    Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services
    Proudly Presents:
    Comprehensive Review of Peripheral Nerve Blocks, and
    Ultrasound Guidance for Anesthesia Providers

    ****Our 2014 schedule***
    April 12-13, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Florida
    May 3-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona
    October 18-19 in Detroit, Michigan (technical conference)
    November 1-2 in St. Petersburg, Florida


    Now more than ever, anesthesia providers need to have regional and ultrasound skills. We are witnessing a rapid decline in CRNA and SRNA opportunities for these procedures. We are also witnessing a greater enphasis on patient outcomes based in part, on satisfaction. And the CRNA market is getting tighter. Get your training andimprove your marketability, or just brush-up during this two day course. These two courses focus on preventing and treating acute pain. The two coures compliment each other and we encourage you to register for both. Enjoy the included continental breakfast while you relax and absorb the lectures in the friendly, luxurious environment of the Don CeSar Hotel. We offer 8 AANA approved CEUs for the regional block course, and 6 CEUs for the ultrasound course. ****CRNAsbe sure to include your AANA number with your registration to receive credit****. We are also expanding the content to meet the new AANA requirements for 1 CE pharmacology, so CRNAs in states requiring this will be in compliance. This is a voluntary measure, but reflects our commitment to your satisfaction and to excellence.

    The peripheral nerve block course will cover (20+!!) blocks essential for today's current anesthesia practice. It will cover a review of local anesthetic mechanisms and nerve stimulation physics and nerve histology and physiology, as well as techniques and complications of each block. Learn the insider information on how to make your blocks more successful and gain the exposure you need to make your practice more self-reliant and rewarding. From beginners to polished providers, this course will cover peripheral nerve blocks, anatomy, and complications in detail.
    And we've added 3D digital anatomy dissections to enhance your learning. So if youve never seen the anatomy before, you'll have an incredible understanding of it!!!

    ultrasound presentation will follow peripheral nerve block course the next day. It will cover all of todays techniques such as central, peripheral and arterial line placement; all of the common regional blocks, indwelling catheter placement and some additional image interpretations. Apply all you've learned about anatomy and techniques to ultrasound. Learn all the techniques you want in just one day. And we've added loads of videos to augment your experience. A HANDS-ON ultrasound workshop will follow lunch (may be provided depending on vendor's availability). Each participant will be able to perform every scan discussed in the lecture with a knowledgable and supportive personal instructor. You'll be able to practice actual needle guidance at the phantom station so you'll be able to direct the needle to any desired location. And now, we have actual tissue simulators, so you can practice needle guidance on structures that act like real popliteal and supraclavicular regions. Learn tricks to displaying great images, and interpreting them. Our warm friendly instructors will make you feel at home while learning the skills necessary to become proficient performing these procedures. And each participant has ample time and personal attention with each station instructor. We generally have an open station as well to discuss anything special you need, or if you simply want even more time with an instructor. We are absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction with the presentations and the hands-on experience.

    We are pleased to offer the
    Blue Phantom and two realistic simulators as medium for the needle practice station. This medium allows for accurate needle guidance practice without needing to handle biological material. Anatomic targets are implanted into this safe gel-like material providing accurate simulation of in-plane and out-of-plane needle placement. And it can be handled without the worry of transmitting diseases associated from uncooked meat, or offending anyone's religious beliefs that prohibit such practices. It is sure to add depth to your clinical practice for regional anesthesia and all types of vascular access.

    For more info goto: http://www.twinoaksanesthesia.com