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  • 3rd Annual NA.ORG MYA Scholarship Oppertunity

    Hello Everyone

    Through the generosity of the last SRNA now CRNA to win this scholarship, eileen2010 we have another year sending one SRNA to the MYA!. This year the scholarship is $1000 for an individual who meets the criteria. This money will be intended to pay for a trip to the midyear assembly for one student.

    This years mentor is Juan Quintana who is both on the AANA board of directors, a candidate for President Elect, former texas State President and an CRNA only group owner.

    Mid-Year Assembly
    April 5-9, 2014
    Arlington, Va.

    Registration is now open

    The money can be used for hotel, flight etc.

    In order to enter you must:

    - be a currently validated SRNA which means having an AANA number and school (which we then validate) listed in your profile.

    - Been apart of NA.ORG for at least one month as of feb 1st.


    Submit an Essay no greater than 500 words about how you, personally, will change the nurse anesthesia profession in the future either clinically or professionally.

    The essay must be submitted by Noon feb 1st 2014 in email to admin@nurse-anesthesia.org

    The essays will be evaluated and voted on by the donating CRNAs and website staff CRNAs. Names will not be attached to the essay.

    The one with the most votes will win the scholarship.

    The contest starts today (Jan 1st) and ends Feb 1st 2014. The winner will be announced by Feb 15th 2014.

    It is expected that the winner post their experiences at the MYA on the website after attending.

    If the winner is unable to attend for any reason the money is forfeit and the runner up will be given the opportunity to go OR it will be allocated for a subsequent AANA meeting.

    Good Luck!
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    1. jkatz985's Avatar
      jkatz985 -
      Hey guys,
      My name is Jonathan and usually I lurk in the forums to learn from many of the students and veteran CRNAs that post here. I felt it was necessary to post about my experience at the 2014 Mid Year Assembly because of how amazing it was. I was given the incredible opportunity to attend the 2014 MYA with the assistance of the scholarship from Eileen and my nurse anesthesia program at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in South Jersey. I really want to thank Eileen and Mike from the board and making the opportunity possible, as well as my mentors Juan Quintana and Steve Smith who are both immensely knowledgeable in the field, and also my program at OLLMC, as well as the NJANA board who both constantly support me, and my classmates who attended with me. I really want to also thank all the CRNAs and students who took time to talk with me and give me exceptional insight into the field.

      First off, I must say with certainty that this assembly was simply amazing. The knowledge presented regarding political issues, the current trends of the healthcare field, and the business within the field were extremely interesting and enjoyable. Topics that you will not find in any book, but from experience and knowledge of the innovative leaders of our profession are presented to future CRNAs so we can continually progress this field. The unity that is demonstrated from the CRNAs at this meeting is astounding, and I for one am proud to be going into one of the most amazing and progressive fields in healthcare. In addition, having the opportunity to be in Washington D.C. and meet my state’s representatives to talk about my current issues regarding my career was truly a humbling experience that I yearn to continue to do every year at the state and federal level.

      My goal is to constantly be involved and promote the profession to demonstrate that we are such valuable healthcare clinicians especially with the financial environment we are in. The immense amount of effort that goes into this meeting (as well as the push to constantly progress the field) should be seen by all CRNAs and SRNAs, and I highly recommend any CRNA, SRNA, or future CRNA to get involved and try to attend their state and national meetings. I completely understand that to go to these meetings can be difficult with life and work, but I believe it is so vital to just support the association and maintain the unity of the field so we can continually progress and stay strong. Thanks again very much to everyone, I truly appreciate everything that was done for me. It will not go unnoticed.
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