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    Hello to all my fellow members....- so, now you've seen the project I've been working on for the past 18 months or so. Placing it here on has some special significance, as Mike, Tone, Ray, Jan, Mick and others have been extremely helpful and inspiring as I've transitioned from RN > RN Applicant > SRNA > now graduating in 3 mos.

    I've been really surprised at how positive the reaction has already been. I've been recieving emails from all over from SRNAs who didn't even know what the PAC was, and now are Capitol Club members. One student called the AANA DC office to say she "would never normally donate to something like this" but was "moved" by what she saw....and now is contributing her $2.08 a month/$25. Buying the profession a cup of coffee, so to speak.

    Really - we are each taking a risk in becoming a CRNA - no one knows what the future holds. There are multiple threads about the pending problems we face. My idea for the Coffee Challenge was to give RRNAs/SRNAs a way to address some of those risks....a way to minimize some of the protect the investment were making, to make sure our sacrifices actually pay off for us and our families.

    SRNAs (and CRNAs) - you already know how to advocate - so you're exactly the type of people who should be advocating for yourselves. Our small donations to the PAC are exactly how we advocate for ourselves. We each play a role, some with lots of time...others with contributing some financial resources.

    Big thanks again to everyone already taking the challenge. Also a big thanks to the PAC for getting behind me on this idea.


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    1. PackFan12's Avatar
      PackFan12 -
      Great idea and great video. Haven't started school yet but I hope I can recruit some classmates to buy into this.
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