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  1. Postop problem

    Quote Originally Posted by gaspass3 View Post
    I doubt they used nitrous on a tympanoplasty.
    Whops you are so right, misread that one
  2. Done with school!!!

    I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in 7 months, but I've been busy Did my last clinical day two days ago and graduation is this Friday, May 4th! I can't believe I made it. Seriously.

  3. She would have been 22 tomorrow, April 25.

    Meredith would have been 22 tomorrow. What would her life been like? Would she be graduating from college, have a baby, or here in CA with me? I am more numb than ever but the feelings are as raw at the same time. I saw a pic a couple of days ago of the first Christmas. She was eight months. I saw it on Facebook. Her mother had posted it. I lost my breath, got sick to my stomach and felt my physical heart, like it twas literally splitting in two. I want to quit. Just sit and do nothing, but I can't. ...
  4. I need to interview someone!

    I have an interview due on Monday, and I really need to interview a CRNA. Over the phone would be best, but I'll take what I can get. Please help me! I need to know your position title and company, along with 15 other questions. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
  5. 2011 memory master and valley review

    For Sale: 2011 memory master. Lightly used with few highlights and notes. $100 but negotiable. Great tool for grad school studies as well as CRNA board review. Also i have a 2011 Valley Review in great condition. Contact me @ [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Thanks