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  1. "I'm trapped in a glass cage of emotion!!!"

    So...I got myself into anesthesia school. Since the time I was accepted last December I have ridden quite the roller coaster of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I know most of my predecessors have gone through the same and those about to start this journey as well are going through very similar situations, but this is one of those things that they tell you about, and you really just have to experience yourself. The 5 stages talked about on this forum is a very good description of how it goes. ...
  2. ICU no more

    Today I turned in my badge and said goodbye to everyone on my unit. I will really miss the friends I have there. It was a great place to work.

    I will do my heart rotation there in a couple of years (my didactic is 16 months long). It will be different I'm sure, being the one taking the patient to the OR and bringing them out -- hopefully NOT a tangled mess of tubes -- and giving report to my previous coworkers.

    Another bridge crossed.

  3. So I am a CRNA

    Its over.

    For all those wondering, NO it didnt fly by. Some days seemed like a year all on their own.

    I am glad its over! Im happy to move on!
  4. Fedex guy you are a bastard...

    So here I am... waiting for the fedex guy...

    I imagine this is the sortof feeling everyone gets on the day you are supposed to get your results.

    I woke up promptly at 6 am... cause the fedex guy is due to arrive by 3 pm today..... 6 am.. snapped awake...

    I have this mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement all at once. It shut off at 100... that is good... right? Or did i just think I did well and really I screwed the pooch? You cant help but go there in your ...
  5. finals

    So here I am studying for my first set of finals for nursing school and to be honest I feel very confident in my ability to do well on the final. The best part of the week was getting through Friday. I had my final head-to-toe assessment that we had to conduct on our partner in 20min or less. It consisted of 50+ things we had to say and do everything from the test name, demonstration, and which cranial nerve it was (name, number, and whether sensory, motor, or both). The nerve racking part of this ...