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  1. Trollway anesthesia New CRNA only for CRNA CE group

    Introducing a brand new CRNA owned continuing education group. We offer top of the line education that includes cutting edge ultrasound training. Our introductory seminar will be held in Big Sky Montana March 2014. This conference will offer 24 high quality CEs for a very inexpensive price per CE. The lectures and lab are given by and taught by CRNA’s; this is a 100% CRNA faculty. They are the best of the best and represent a very vast geographical and professional group. The event is constructed ...
  2. Calculating percent O2

    Can anyone explain why there is about 60% of oxygen in 1L of O2 and 1L of air? I thought that 1L of O2 had about 24% and air had 21% which would add together to be 45%.
  3. VCU SRNA Books for sale

    50% DISCOUNT:SRNA books fOR VCU School of Nurse Anesthesia.
  4. CRNA friendly states... Please help me choose!

    Greetings All!

    I need help choosing a state where my husband and I will live for the next five ears. He is a medical school grad and will have a chance to do residency in:

    1. Missouri,
    2. Pennsylvania,
    3. Florida.

    The decisive factor is CRNA independence, restriction of practice, ability to practice regionals, etc.

    We need help ASAP. Please, anyone with information, contact me at or write here.
  5. Accepted!

    So, I have been busy since my last post. I've been in the ICU for 2 years now and am quite comfortable there. I'm also crosstraining to our ED. After getting my CCRN certification I applied and was accepted to anesthesia school. The newness off being accepted has worn off, but I am still over the moon. I can't wait for class to start this fall. My husband makes fun of me because I looked at the class descriptions for the program and am looking forward them all.

    It got out at ...