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  1. Research project topics

    Hi everyone,

    Im having some trouble finding a good research topic for my research project and would love some ideas. can be a surgery, retrospective chart review, or prospective study. most of the good topics have already been done.
    Tags: research
  2. (Wanted) Valley Review 2014 Sweat Book

    If anyone has a copy of the 2014 valley sweat book they are willing to sell please message me.
  3. Loan refinance advice

    I have seen a few posts recently about loan repayment and refinance options but the threads went in different directions. I am curious if people have any experience with the refinance company SoFi? (

    They offer a variable rate of 2.91 on loans with autopay. Variable rates make me nervous, but I like the lower rates they offer.

    I am trying to get an idea of how they are to work with as a company and if people like the service generally. Any ...

    Private message me and I will provide my contact information.
  5. Valley mixed review 2013

    Looking for valley mixed reviews for this year 2013 .... Anyone willing to share or willing to sell ?