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  1. How about the requirements?

    Interesting topic here.

    As many know, the AANA says on the website "one year of acute care experience". While this is defined by ER, PACU, ICU, Flight Nursing, the AANA (in its wisdom) allowed for flexibility so that every applicant could be evaluated based ont heir experience and merits.

    However, the school sets the offical requirement and it is important to recognize that fact. If you have any experience other than ICU many programs, (i would estimate 80%) will not accept ...
  2. Allnurses Banned My IP today.


    How funny. It seems that they are pretty upset that out of their 120K + members we have 60 ppl. Today, citing my using a new account to keep in touch with people, my ip was banned. Here is the feedback i left for them.:motz:


    I find it rather extreme that you would ban my IP address. Fortunately, I use a bouncer and can change it at will so your efforts are futile.

    My being able to read the forums should be of no interest to ...
  3. Anesthesia Role Models

    Hey all

    So i have gotten quite excited about going to CRNA school over the last few months. It is interesting that when one makes a life changing decision like that just how liberating it is. In anycase, a large part of my excitement has come from two particular leaders we have all come to know.

    Yoga CRNA and Deepz

    These two individuals are not just long term CRNAs, they are exactly the sortof CRNAs i want to be. Dedicated to the profession, politically active, ...
  4. The application Process

    Aloha again!

    Well i did not have the best experience with applications. Like many, I went to the AANA website and checked out what the requirements were. I had them all so i was excited to start applications.

    Turns out the AANA website and the actual requirements of schools are rarely similar. On going for a meeting with the director of a program just to get an impression of the whole thing, i found out just how different it can be.

    The particular program ...
  5. So Why CRNA and not MD/DO

    Well... interesting story.

    I am an A type personality. It seems i cannot settle with "soldier" I always want to be the general and that is what attracted me to the Physician profession. Im sure alot of you feel the same.

    In anycase, after much discussion with many physician friends (most of which said they wouldnt do it again) I decided that before i could make a decision i had to have the options. So i did the med pre reqs and got in.

    I turned it down for ...