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  1. 9 months later

    I've finished 9 months in the CVICU and am really enjoying it. Amazingly I am much less stressed than when I was in the NICU. (Weird, huh?) It helps that I'm on a unit that is fully staffed and we always have float nurses available for things like taking patients to procedures, etc.

    I started my BSN program in August and it's going along fine, I guess. I have a problem with the whole "group" concept though...but that's just me. I've never had to rely on others for my grades and ...
  2. Looking Behind and looking ahead


    Well it is always interesting to look at where you have come from and where you are headed I think. Sortof puts things into perspective a little.

    This time last year I was already accepted and doing MSN classes wondering what it will be like to move across the country (for the second time) somewhere that I had never been and knew noone but those i met online and within the air medical community. What would it be like making such a career change and being back in school ...
  3. The Slacker Returns...

    Yes, I know I've been a slacker but it's been a busy couple of weeks! I started clinical and it's been good, but an eye-opener. I have to say that I was a really good ICU nurse. I watched my patients like a hawk and I could tell you anything that was going on with them during my watch. So, why, now, have I turned into such an idiot??? I can't seem to pull it all together - I get the tube in (woohoo) and forget that my job isn't done yet!

    Second, everybody is very nice. I was ...
  4. Two weeks of Clinical

    Well, as the title states we have now completed two weeks of clinical. I can say without reservation we are NOT treated as "stool pigeons" as someone elequantly put it. Did multiple DL's the first day. At this point have used a bougie and attempted a spinal on a 250lb, 5' 3" pt. I did not feel so bad for missing it after the attending took about ten minutes and two mutilated needles before finally getting it.
    Anyway had better go study. 4 quizzes and large physiology test await during the ...
  5. A Disaster Averted! *Whew*


    Being in a new program means there will be changes and tweaks. Recently we had our whole grade scheme changed to cumulative exams. Cumulative midterm, cumulative (whole semester) finals. Damn. Thats a shocker!

    Anywho, as another student and i were looking at the syllabus as well as the other class we are taking (patho) syllabus we became terrified. Both had cumulative exams and the exams are 100% of your grade. Not to mention, both sets of exams are on the same days!! ...