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  1. Two Months Till Seniorship and Rotations


    So far so good in this semester and we are about 1/3 done. It is hard to believe that in about 2 months I will be a senior. Once that happens Ill be in a room by myself and we start rotations out for specialties like hearts, neuro, OB and Paeds.

    I wonder ow it is that I will be ready to be in a room alone when there are still times people are 'teaching' me how to put tape on a tube, leads on a pt and IV in? Clinical is so random and disorganized I wonder how ill ...
  2. oct 7, 2007

    Well I have not posted in a while but wow, 300 cases down. I guess I am trying to learn the art of finesse of anesthesia. This week I have felt all thumbs ****ing dr Sny kills me, he just sets me up for failure. Like with the trauma pt he takes of the c-collar and holds the pts head I cant get a good view, he the takes over lifts the pts head 6 “ of the table and of course we can see now. I am doing most cases by myself I feel good about handling 90-95% of the problems that come up I have dealt ...
  3. Quick update

    All I can say is Holy Shit!!!! We have 10 hours of Anesthesia Didactics on Tuesday and another 10 on Wednesday for 6 weeks. Done with week 5 now. Every one of those days, we get enough material to need a month to learn. But there is NOT a month to learn it. I have no more time to type. Our only relief is that Clinical starts in a week and a half, and after that there will be only 4 hours of Anesthesia Didactics/week. 2.5 days of clinical off the bat, but at least not tons and tons of information. ...
  4. 9 months later

    I've finished 9 months in the CVICU and am really enjoying it. Amazingly I am much less stressed than when I was in the NICU. (Weird, huh?) It helps that I'm on a unit that is fully staffed and we always have float nurses available for things like taking patients to procedures, etc.

    I started my BSN program in August and it's going along fine, I guess. I have a problem with the whole "group" concept though...but that's just me. I've never had to rely on others for my grades and ...
  5. Looking Behind and looking ahead


    Well it is always interesting to look at where you have come from and where you are headed I think. Sortof puts things into perspective a little.

    This time last year I was already accepted and doing MSN classes wondering what it will be like to move across the country (for the second time) somewhere that I had never been and knew noone but those i met online and within the air medical community. What would it be like making such a career change and being back in school ...