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  1. How about the requirements?

    Interesting topic here.

    As many know, the AANA says on the website "one year of acute care experience". While this is defined by ER, PACU, ICU, Flight Nursing, the AANA (in its wisdom) allowed for flexibility so that every applicant could be evaluated based ont heir experience and merits.

    However, the school sets the offical requirement and it is important to recognize that fact. If you have any experience other than ICU many programs, (i would estimate 80%) will not accept ...
  2. Wondering what the future holds...

    Interesting conversation the other day...

    I was sitting with a couple of people from my group and we were discussing the future of anesthesia in general. It is always interesting to see the drastic difference in opinion from one person to another.

    One fella was saying how we should work like DOGS now because 5 years from now we (CRNAs) will be making 90K a year at best and floor RNs will be lucky to make 40K.

    Another fellow (one of our MDAs) was talking about ...
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    CRNAs in Practice
  3. US Army CRNA's What's up with Walter Reed and Womack?

    I recently did my 2 week AT at Womack, and felt like I was working in my shitty MD directed facility in civilian world. I go there b/c I usually get to do ISB's amd place an epidural or 2. The MD's are so stingy with blocks and lines, that junior CRNA's will have a hard time growing. There appeared to be a real disconnect between the AD staff CRNA's and MD's. I even heard their Chief CRNA was relieved when she made it an issue of asking why were the Doc's coming into rooms for ASA I and II's. A ...
  4. Did anyone hear from UB CRNA program for start date of 2012?

    I interviewed in November 2011. Did anyone get acceptance letter yet? I am getting a bit concerned. Responses will be appreciated from current students or new applicants the 2012 DNP program at university at Buffalo. Thanks
  5. Presentation Topics

    Hi there,

    My clinical site requires all student to come up with a 40 minutes presentation for the staff. I had some topics in mind but got rejected. Looking for ideas......

    Thank you very much
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