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A category related to RNs as they work through getting accepted

  1. Blog and YouTube for future SRNAs and current SRNAs!

    Hello Everyone!

    I recently started a blog and instagram page. Right now my blog at is mainly for future SRNAs. If you're already a SRNA, please check out my Instagram at @iamnursenelle where I do my daily clinical vlogs via instagram stories and post about my journey through CRNA school!

    Youtube Channel coming soon!

    EDIT: My YouTube Channel is now LIVE! Please subscribe!


    Hello fellow CRNAs/SRNAs,

    Please feel free to Post Anesthesia Jobs and pass on this information to your fellow graduates/department/schools for those seeking anesthesia jobs. The service is entirely free for both Anesthesia Job Posters and Anesthesia Job Seekers. Please follow me on facebook anesthesiapros and also on this blog site. I will be updated information on the blog section to hopefully help you get the max benefits, salaries, and practice related questions from your future ...
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  3. New Anesthesia Job Post website


    When you get a chance can you look at our new Anesthesia Job Board website and register as a Employer or Job Seeker. Our company is multi-disciplinary and trying to build a better product for all users. Comments are greatly appreciated. We will be updating this blog on advice/pearls on seeking a CRNA job and getting the max amount of benefits, salaries, bonus, etc. to benefit you from employers/recruiters. Tom CRNA

    Please feel free to Post Anesthesia Jobs and ...
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  4. Trollway anesthesia New CRNA only for CRNA CE group

    Introducing a brand new CRNA owned continuing education group. We offer top of the line education that includes cutting edge ultrasound training. Our introductory seminar will be held in Big Sky Montana March 2014. This conference will offer 24 high quality CEs for a very inexpensive price per CE. The lectures and lab are given by and taught by CRNA’s; this is a 100% CRNA faculty. They are the best of the best and represent a very vast geographical and professional group. The event is constructed ...
  5. 2011 memory master and valley review

    For Sale: 2011 memory master. Lightly used with few highlights and notes. $100 but negotiable. Great tool for grad school studies as well as CRNA board review. Also i have a 2011 Valley Review in great condition. Contact me @ [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Thanks
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