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  1. Anyone work in Sarasota FL?

    Hello all. I've been looking at possibly moving to Florida and was wondering if anyone has any info on working in Sarasota? Thank you all.
    CRNAs in Practice
  2. CRNA & Anesthesia Products

  3. Adult Inhalation Induction without an IV for oral surgery

    I am looking for input from CRNAs that have been administering anesthesia for healthy people that are having their wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia. I have been administering anesthesia, as a graduate CRNA for 34 years and have never considered myself a cowboy when it comes to administering anesthesia in the outpatient setting, and yet was recently called out by an MD Anesthesiologist, because I said that I do not have a problem inducing adults with Sevoflurane and then putting an IV ...
  4. Check out my anesthesia blog!

    Hi, I started doing my anesthesia blogs about 3 months. Wanted to share my blog with you. It has some latest clinical update, ideas, random thoughts regarding anesthesia and some tips for SRNAs. Check it out and I hope you all will like it.

    Hello fellow CRNAs/SRNAs,

    Please feel free to Post Anesthesia Jobs and pass on this information to your fellow graduates/department/schools for those seeking anesthesia jobs. The service is entirely free for both Anesthesia Job Posters and Anesthesia Job Seekers. Please follow me on facebook anesthesiapros and also on this blog site. I will be updated information on the blog section to hopefully help you get the max benefits, salaries, and practice related questions from your future ...
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